Seems like this place hasn’t changed all too much.

Just as bizarre a place as he remembered.



       ah, but two can play the disappearing
       act, can they not?
whether or not they
       be proud of themselves at the end.

                                  ———— Always so quiet.

And what greets his gaze is a familiar face,
one that had been slowly transforming into unfamiliarity.


It’s a little strange that the word he speaks arrives in a more breathless manner than he’d been aiming for— but it is most certainly no secret that he’d been concerned regarding the wolves whereabouts. His brows are pinched in a way that is mostly contrasted by the relief seen in the low slope of his shoulders; a walking contradiction. Yet he cannot help but shift after a moments pause, golden head tilted ever so slightly to one side. Toned arms move in order to fold themselves about his chest, and the line of his lips part on a few spare words.

      ❝—Says you.

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“A note would have been appreciated, I was going to make a search party.”

Certes, this isn’t the first time she has meticulously searched for the blond; each and every instance wherein he seems to vanish into thin air makes her anxious, solicitous and she assumes the absolute worst, it drive her to a point where she simply cannot sit idly by and do nothing, she needs to unearth answers lest she drive herself up a wall and feel the need to obliterate it.

“I thought Aerith did something to you so I interrogated her first, but then she expressed the same worry that I had concerning you so we went out and fought monsters.”

      No need for that.


Maybe it was a little nice to learn that he had at least a friend or two that cared for him so much that they’d do such a thing; and during, what— the few weeks he’d been away?

He couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit flattered.
And maybe even more than a bit guilty. 

      You two’ve been alright though, yeah?
        Thanks for, uh—
        Keepin’ Aer company n’all.

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hinabae asked
; leaves the fabu rue snuggles welcome back boo ; w ;

cuddles right back tbh!!!!

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     Spies the large motorbike before its rider, however: “—Cloud.”

Which was only to be expected, really—
Nonetheless, a casual half wave is offered in greeting.


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w-WELCOME BACK STRIFE-KUN smooches cheek

sakura-chan please u//v//u naruto might get jealous

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Those blonde tresses, that serious aura and the feeling of older brotherly love was all the Pharaoh could see. Blinking ruby eyes, the pharaoh stood there dumbfounded for a quick moment before throwing himself into the other. His arms wrapped themselves around the soldier’s neck as he grinned. 

Now, this is a surprise!

And this most certainly isn’t the first time in which bodily contact has been sprung on him without adequate warning— but Atem is one of the far few who can safely get away with it, it seems. Doing little else but shifting his stance in order to tolerate the slim King’s weight with greater ease, Cloud nonetheless finds it difficult to rid himself of the slight surprise that draws itself across fair features.

        Yeah, I’d say so.

How long had it been;
weeks, months?
Far too long, that was for certain.

      Been alright?

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That one time Cloud had to challenge a bodybuilder to a squatting competition in order to get a pigtail wig so he could complete his drag outfit to use as a disguise to infiltrate the mansion of a womanizer in order to save his friends.

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         Ah, seems as if the other finds him contemptible.
         For he would not be the first to think so. 

                    ❝Aye, I daresay you act as if you are not thrilled to see me.❞

And the loose motion of a rather nonchalant shrug enacts; bare shoulders shifting upright at aforementioned action.

      Dunno about that.
        —Can’t say I was expecting to see you hangin’ around here, though.

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“Oh, there you are.”

And it’s a sigh of mollification, she relaxes her shoulders and gives a phlegmatic stare.

“Aerith and I were looking for you in all sorts of dangerous places. —Maybe I shouldn’t think you’re always about to be eaten when you leave.”

A blink.

      ❝—You were?

And here he’d been totally oblivious to the fact that the two even knew of each other— but said fact was a good one nonetheless. Assuming they got along, of course. 

      Ah; sorry.
        I was gonna leave a note, but I ended up runnin’ outta time.

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